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The path ? save the world

How ? doing theater

With whom ? with everyone

For who ? for those*who don't go there


T&R, is a crucial restorative justice tool. It facilitates dialogue between the parties involved, establishing a secure space for communication and mutual understanding.

It helps rebuild broken trust by showing a commitment to truth and repair. This process can lead to concrete recommendations for institutional reforms, aimed at preventing the repetition of injustices. By offering a form of justice that goes beyond punishment, it seeks to repair damage and restore relationships. T&R can include symbolic actions of reconciliation, reinforcing a sense of closure and community healing. It values active community participation, integrating diverse voices and perspectives into the justice process.

By documenting past abuses, T&R contributes to public education and collective memory.

Finally, it aims to establish solid foundations for a more just and equitable future, by addressing the roots of conflicts and promoting lasting reconciliation .

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