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In Belgium


are we listened to?
in the Democratic Republic of Congo/Burundi/Rwanda


The path ? save the world

How ? doing theater

With whom ? with everyone

For who ? for those*who don't go there

The show “Are we listened to” is performed by 23 actors and 2 musicians. The actors play in 3 languages: Kirundi, Kinyarwanda and Swahili. The actors are of 3 nationalities. The show is performed in DR Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. Depending on the language of the spectators, it is the actors from the country who take on the roles. Sometimes, the text is said in two languages: one actor plays in Swahili and another actor translates by playing in Kinyarwanda. Kinyarwanda being close to kirundi, it is not always necessary to translate from one to the other. The show is performed outdoors. A circle of 20 meters in diameter is lined with tarpaulin on which the spectators and children sit. The show can be seen by thousands of spectators. The main actors and musicians have sound systems, the other actors are pursued by poles. The content of the text is intended to be simple, clear and straight to the point. It must touch the emotions of the spectators regardless of their language, culture and age. Natural resources, death, peace, tomatoes, history, the negotiating table are symbolized by fabrics respectively golden, black, white, red. Death is represented by black wings worn by an actor. Peace on white wings.

Director: Frédérique Lecomte
Costume: Christne Mobers
Accessories: Lissa Djata
A production of La Benevolencija as part of Media 4 dialogue

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