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En balade 

Venez vous balader avec nous dans le Parc, que l’on vous susurre à l’oreille (pas trop près) de gentilles bénédictions, de délicates permissions, des naïves chansons et de douces visions sur votre avenir.Dix enveloppantes mamans vont vous consoler des durs moments que vous avez passés.




Come and have a stroll with us in the Park, where we whisper in your ear (not too closely) of kind blessings, delicate permissions, naive songs and sweet visions of your future.
Ten enveloping moms will console you for the hard times you have spent.

An intimate, fresh and joyful performance.

Participating is free of charge. If you want to help us following the health crisis, you can donate an amount of your choice on our PayPal account _

Directed by Frédérique Lecomte

as part of a regional program


and seven years of social cohesion, at the request of COCOF -

French Community Commission

in partnership with Cifas Asbl and La Tricoterie.

✏️ Credits for the Picture: Christine Mobers

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