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It will be joyful, unbridled, disorderly, conflictual, chaotic, musical, ironic, sung, sincere, naive, transparent, first degree, dialectical and revolutionary.


The earth will be a paradise, a miraculous musical.

The show could have been called the Summer Camps, and that's mocking, of course.


Burlesque and ironic, the show will solve all problems: caring for children, educating women, giving men work in a spirit of gender equality, solving migration problems and bringing peace.


A spectacular and joyful critical overview of the peace industry: how is international aid managed, how is it distributed, according to what criteria? Who does it ultimately benefit? Are child soldiers the beneficiaries or the victims of this peace industry?


The themes addressed reflect the problems experienced by the caregivers and by the caregivers. We thus tackle subjects such as war, rape, human rights, poverty but also the question of humanitarian aid, its measures and its impacts, the exploitation of natural resources and migration.


The cast, bringing together young actors and directors, child soldiers, Congolese and Burundian professionals and asylum seekers, will showcase different perspectives related to the peace industry: what is being knows and what we don't know, the vicious and virtuous circles of aid.


Director: Frédérique Lecomte

Music: Jean Claude Minani


With: Léonard Berthet-Rivière, Jean Coers, Valentijn Dhaenens, Emilienne Flagothier, Jean Marie Kabanza, Patricia Kargbo, Jean Claude Minani, Prosper Nduwayo, Do Nsoseme Dora, Marie-Charlotte Siokos, Bibi Van Lieshout, Eva Zingaro-Meyer


DRC: Jonathan Baibonge Mulwa, Elia Baibonge, Mapendo Bazungu Martha, Kidume Dieumerci, Deborah Kahindo, Bushiri Kalume Mande, Cecile Kavira, Brave Kilonfu Mulengetsi, Ishara Maboko, François Misangu Byemba, Prix d'Achat Muhindo Kamate, Lebon Mumbere Mustafa Karasisi, Maisafa Mustafa , Shukuru Nadinne, Yves Ndagano, Aron Ndoole, Baraka Neema, Rebecca Neema, Marie Louise Sekabogo Banganya, Boyd Stout, Elie Syauswa Phinée, Ezechiel Tumaini Bitaraka, Albert Ushindi Lumoo, Fiston Wilondja Byamungu


BXL: Mohammed Almafrachi, Sekou Coumbassa, Ewout D'Hoore, Hadjiratou Diallo, Ousmane Diallo, Anne Kilubusha-Banakayi, Mariam Kourouma, Koné Oulaymatou, Sonia Byby Sona, Bintou Touré, Aissé Traoré


Dramaturgy: Ewout D'Hoore, Yves Wellens, Kristin Rogghe

Scenography and costumes: Christine Mobers

Costume making: Divin Efsiba, Marion Galisson Lighting design: Mohammed Sultan Daaboul Assistant Stage director DRC: Juliette Damien


Production manager: Miek Scheers, Tamara Gullentops

Technique: Steven Brys, Patrick Van Neck

Logistics DRC: Claude Amini, Papy Chimalamungo Miruho

DRC translation: Jean Marie Kabanza, Prosper Nduwayo

Photography: Véronique Vercheval


Production: Theater & Reconciliation, KVS

In collaboration with: Center Des Arts Scéniques, Ret International - Goma, Ritcs, ENSAV La Cambre, Fedasil, Central, Médecins du Monde

With the support of: The Brussels Capital Region, WBI, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Performing Arts Department of the Province of Hainaut


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