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Would the confinement have exacerbated their libido?  

What is certain is that they will expose themselves - from home - and indulge in sexy rituals. In Zoom, because they cannot touch each other.

It's an erotic, funny and irreverent court of miracles.  


Still relevant today, the Grand SeXtacle has adapted to the health crisis. The comedians and Théâtre & Réconciliation offer 23 episodes available for free on Youtube.

  The Grand SeXtacle, as you've never seen it before ...  

... something to have fun with during lockdown.

Text and direction: Frédérique Lecomte with the help of Ewout D'Hoore

Scenography: Christine Mobers

Game: Claire Coché, Annick Cornette, Frédérique Lecomte, Christine Mobers, Jean-Pierre Nicaise, Michel Nolevaux, Estelle Petit, Jean-Philippe Pettiaux, Véronique Resler

Video editing: Guillaume Nolevaux

Costumes: Sylvie Thevenard, Bert Menzel

Production: Théâtre et Réconciliation (VF) with the help of the Fabrique de Théâtre, CIFAS and the Luc Pire foundation


Toujours d'actualité, le Grand SeXtacle s'est adapté à la crise sanitaire. Les comé et Théâtre & Réconciliation vous proposent 23 épisodes disponibles gratuitement sur Youtube.

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