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The path ? save the world

How ? doing theater

With whom ? with everyone

For who ? for those*who don't go there

Congo Paradiso

A film by Benjamin Geminel and Tristan Thil
BY cINéphage production

Congo Paradiso takes us in a story that is unwritable. It tells the story of child soldiers from Congo.
They killed, looted, raped. They have been manipulated, recruited. Their family is their weapon.
They took part in one of the greatest conflicts of recent years, six million died, they were both the victims and the executioners, they fought like grown-ups and yet they are children.
In the center that welcomes them in an attempt to bring them back to civilian life, a director from Belgium does fascinating work with them. They play out the worst scenes of violence, war, torture.
But the weapons are made of wood. And the children laugh


out of the box


Out of the box, a theater workshop and a show in a Fedasil center with asylum seekers and citizens

All together now#2024

A documentary by Noé Reutenauer

All Together Now#2024 a theater workshop and show in a Fedasil center with asylum seekers and citizens


A documentary by Noé Reutenauer

Les Liaisons Joyeuses#2024 , a documentary on the impact of Theater & Reconciliation as part of a citizen theater project for social cohesion.

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