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faire face
aux traumatisme


Theater and reconciliation workshops and shows are performed by the

local population who experienced trauma. A collective way of dealing with trauma.

T&R has created several shows and runs several workshops with vulnerable people: sexual assault victims, prisoners, displaced people, victims of torture, child soldiers ...

We work for the personal reconstruction of victims of trauma, through listening, respect and mutual support. The theater makes it possible to imagine, to dream together of another way of seeing reality. It's playing, shifting, converting, symbolizing, transforming pain into a theatrical scene.

The therapeutic effect of T&R's methodology is indisputable, despite the fact that T&R does not contemplate or apply art therapy. A research action carried out in 2019 demonstrates how the T&R methodology leads directly to an increase in social cohesion between people from diverse backgrounds, allowing vulnerable people to make use of their own potential towards a concrete change in their situation (1).

Expressing emotions in a safe context, reconstructing one's story from the here and now, moving the body, making use of voice, music, form and rhythm, are all elements that allow you to regain confidence, l self-esteem, autonomy and to re-establish relationships, elements which have a positive influence on mental health (3) and which can be obtained by relatively simple techniques without the interference of medical specialists or therapists.

1 Inspiring life in frozen communities. pdf . (2020) Bibiane van Mierlo

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