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The theater is a living, public and visible democratic space. We work directly with civilians. We create space for dialogue where people who normally don't meet create a show together.

We include people from various backgrounds (asylum seekers, diasporas and residents, job seekers, students, ...) in projects that allow them to be integrated into a collective approach and to develop artistic and technical skills, but to also live together.  


Support us with confidence through the Roi Baudoin Foundation

We accept all donations, each helping us to continue the actions and projects for which we have been fighting for so many years.

Donation and tax certificate

A donation is a transfer to another of a heritage feature, without the slightest advantage for the donor. The best-known method of such is a cash donation, often in the form of a bank transfer.

Contributions, subscriptions to journals and payments which give entitlement in return to a benefit for the donor cannot therefore be considered as donations.

Donations of at least 40 euros made to the Roi Baudouin Foundation give rise to a tax deduction of 45% of the amount actually paid, which is shown on the certificate.

The tax certificate relating to all the donations you have made for the benefit of the Foundation is sent at the end of February of the following year.

Donors established in France, the Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Denmark who wish to support a Fund managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, can pay their donations directly to the Foundation while benefiting from all the tax advantages of their country of residence. This following the recognition obtained by the Foundation in these 4 countries.

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