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Starting date: At your discretion

Place of the internship: Brussels, Schaerbeek / Teleworking

Duration: 2 to 6 months

Compensation: None

CONTACTS (please contact us by email first)


Internship tutor: Frédérique Lecomte

Function: Company director, stage director and sociologist


Supervision of interns: Tamara Gullentops

Function: Project management



- Advanced level of French / English is preferred, but not mandatory to apply

- Motivated, enterprising, initiative, easy to communicate with

- Interested in the cultural environment and NGOs






Depending on your skills, the tasks relate to:

do an internship

Cultural management


- Seek funds from international donors by responding to calls for projects

- Fundraising from Belgian and international foundations

- Search for calls for projects in Belgium, Europe and conflict zones (Africa, Near and Middle East, Latin America)

- Search for structures likely to be interested in the work of Theater and Reconciliation

- Search for universities interested in T&R work

- Arrange meetings in collaboration with Frédérique Lecomte


social networks, folder layout

- Help with the distribution of the shows created: Le Grand Sextacle, Dis moi wie ik ben, Le Cabaret de la Madone, Le Ring de l'Agro

- Help with the production of our current creations:

  • contact with reception facilities,

  • mailing creation,

  • update of mailing lists,

  • making appointments,

  • writing press releases,

  • press kits,

  • educational files,

  • administrative work for the company,

  • sending personalized invitations, ...

- Communication on social networks, writing posts, taking part in the strategy

Theater and Reconciliation Missions

Since 1994, Frédérique Lecomte has been developing a method of theatrical acting, to work with vulnerable communities (populations in conflict zones, marginalized individuals, diasporas, detainees, victims of torture, drug addicts, patients in a therapeutic environment, asylum seekers ... .) in Belgium and Africa, such as Rwanda, Burundi and DRCongo.

The objective of resolving community and ethnic conflicts; to transform behavior, manage trauma, give a voice to those in need of one and reach out to the most remote populations. In Belgium, T&R creates shows on various social themes: living together, the fight against radicalization, gender issues, raising young people's awareness of the challenges of this millennium ...

To know more :


"Theater & Reconciliation, a method for theatrical practice in conflict zones"

- Frédérique Lecomte, Ed. The Stolen Letter


"Congo Paradiso"

- Benjamin Geminel and Tristan Thil.

Watch it on Vimeo - password: geminel

In English - password: geminel

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