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Huit comédiens, des beaux, des laids, des jeunes, des vieux, des blancs, des noirs, des flamands, des wallons, des bruxellois, des gays, des qui s’ignorent, des gentils, des méchants, des qui travaillent, des qui ne travaillent pas, des bonnes sœurs, des soubrettes, des travestis, des strip-teaseuses, des prudes, des hystériques, des cow-boys de saloon, des clowns ratés, des bouchers, des victimes, des sados, des masos…

Eight actors, handsome, ugly, young, old, white, black, Flemish, Walloon, Brussels, gay, closeted, good, bad, working or not working, nuns, maids, transvestites, strippers, prudish, hysterics, saloon cowboys, failed clowns, butchers, victims, sadists, masochists... A gallery of absurd and smutty characters. But what are they going to do to us in this court of erotic miracles? Singing and dancing the sweet praises and harsh words of a society that is both erotic and chaste, fighting against formatting and conformism. To be the aristocrats of their differences. The Grand SeXtacle surprises, moves and even shocks the public. Sometimes disturbing, sometimes painful, often funny, the actors, between circus and cabaret, made up and disguised, it will oppose glamor with an image of society outside of the norms. Conscious of their otherness, they will lead to a reflection on identity and appearance. Burlesque, tantalizing and political show.

Photo credits Véronique Vercheval

Text and direction: Frédérique Lecomte with the help of Ewout D'Hoore

Scenography: Christine Mobers

Game: Claire Coché, Annick Cornette, Frédérique Lecomte, Christine Mobers, Jean-Pierre Nicaise, Michel Nolevaux, Estelle Petit, Jean- Philippe Pettiaux, Véronique Resler

Costumes: Sylvie Thevenard, Bert Menzel

Accessories: Julie Beca

Production: Théâtre et Réconciliation (VF) with the help of the Fabrique de Théâtre and the Luc Pire Foundation

Stage manager: Michaël Druart


Cost of the show: 2300 €

Art & Vie star code: 5089-1


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