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Des gens de chez nous : les bons vivants, les pauvres et les riches, les homos et hétéros, les hommes, les femmes, les jeunes, les vieux, les noirs, les blancs, les moches et les beaux, les militants et les endormis, les distingués et les barakis… tout le monde a droit à son moment de gloire.

Venez vos amuser avec nous dans les vitrines de votre ville !


Des morceaux de vie, joyeux, politiquement incorrects, burlesques, révolutionnaires et poétiques

A participatory show


We will take you to the streets of Avignon, to exorcise your desires for revenge in any health or other safety.


In a black pudding festival and an evening without fries, the wicked Little Mermaid will make you pay for your bullshit.

A perverse tale sung by a scary Lolita accompanied by a crazy Avignon choir. They will offer jubilant magical actions of what they always wanted to do without ever daring.

This scary perverse Little Mermaid will play villainous directors, inaccessible tragedies, old seals, ax faces, vicious Finns, cantankerous grandmothers, filthy manta rays, libidinous, offended, manipulators , countries without government, wicked exploiters, colonizers, drivers, people who think they are smarter.

A stroll and stations, to expel ...

Choirs spoken, sung, 

The Evil Little Mermaid will help you there.

In residence from October 1 to 17, 2021.



Interested?  more info on the Théâtre des Doms website

Writing and staging: Frédérique Lecomte


With: Sarah Mathurin and a heart of Avignon


Scenography and costumes: Christine Mobers

Dramaturgy: Yves Wellens, Ewout D'Hoore


Project manager: Tamara Gullentops

Illustrations: Christine Mobers

With the support of: Théâtre des Doms and La Companie Mises en Scène / Théâtre L'Entrepôt.

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