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LE 3 MAI 2024 à 20H30, à LA TRICOTERIE 158 rue théodore Verhaegen, 1060 saint-gilles


 LE 4 MAI 2024 à 20H, AU THéÂTRE DE LA VIE

45 rue traversière, 1210 Saint-josse  


LE 5 MAI 2024 à 17H30,

à SCHAERBEEK109, rue Josaphat, 1030 Schaerbeek

Have you ever heard of Les Liaisons Joyeuses?
It is the generic title of a show which, each year, brings together people from all walks of life.
Every year a new show, every year new people.
This year, they will be 60.
Every year a little more.

Usually they don't meet
THEY are people from Brussels, from different neighborhoods and backgrounds, from different nationalities and cultures.
THEY talk about stereotypes, love, education, disability, war, resistance, papers or without papers,
  life journeys, assisted journeys, denounced journeys, English paratroopers, everyday heroes who fly to the rescue, associations that rescue and laws that hinder.

This is where COMET LINES comes in, a resistance network initiated by heroes of the Second World War.
What remains today of these intrepid people?
What meaning does the action of the heroes of yesterday have for the heroes of today?
THEY evoke their difference, their resemblance, their identity.
They have never felt so close to each other.
  They have never been so close to you.
You have probably never seen them, never heard them, these people, these other than you.
Miraculously, by the grace of a spectacle, THEY are brought together in the same space.
Funny of course
And moving of course!
In the jargon, this is called social cohesion.
But you, you will come out transformed, I promise!


Director: Frédérique Lecomte and Xavier Campion.

Production: Mansuela Nguizani


With the support of Cocof, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the "Europe for citizens" program of the European Union

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