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Des thématiques choisies par les participants, des improvisations sur ces thématiques, un travail de mise en scène exigeant, un assemblage et des représentations. 


The first phase of work consists in proposing to a newly formed group to improvise a scene from a stimulus. This stimulus is determined according to the concerns of the participants.

From these improvisations, a scene is created.

to assemble

The stories, scenes and materials (songs, choreography ...) created for each project are brought together and form a show. The texts evoke the concerns of the participants.  Personal memories are transformed into universal stories. 


The spectators's emotions shift between laughter and tears.  The work of creation diverts, metamorphoses and symbolizes.  It becomes light.

It is an artistic strategy, a life strategy. Lightness in work is having the courage to talk about things that no one talks about, being careful not to add another grain of salt to the pornography of suffering.

to clarify


Clarity is a basic principle in stage composition where points of view merge.  

For both actors and spectators, it is essential to come up with a strong idea each scene, a simple and immediately understandable image. 



Theater is a powerful mediator that helps manage conflict. Complex and sensitive issues are approached step by step. First, understand what happened, and build trust. Then, discuss the different points of view. Finally, on stage, address the conflict, agree on the way to represent it and to act.


Professional quality shows, which take the actors and the issues seriously. Whether professional or amateur actors, the artistic quality of the performance is paramount. Without it, the process loses its effectiveness and the show becomes dull;

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