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Musical show on food security ...
The match opposes farmers from the North and the South, chickens from here and elsewhere, pesticides, bios, the agro-food industry, the planet, global warming, capitalism, the free movement of goods, the little crushed chicks, the landless, the multinationals, milk, disabled sperm, junk food, too much on our plates, too little on other people's, hunger, wars, what is it that we eat, expropriation and slavery.
What to do: change eating habits? Going from excessive industrialization to all-organic? Go on an indefinite hunger strike while waiting for a cruel and unequal world to collapse? A funny and violent musical on the issues of food security. For all audiences from 12 years old.

Writing and directing: Frédérique Lecomte

Game: Alexis Julémont,
Jean-Philippe Pettiaux

Dramaturgy: Ewout D'Hoore, Yves Wellens

Scenography and costumes: Christine Mobers

Production: Theater and Reconciliation

Co-production: Directorate General for Development Cooperation

Cost of the show: 1275 €

Art & Vie star code: 5089-7


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