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the madonna cabaret

The path ? save the world

How ? doing theater

With whom ? with everyone

For who ? for those*who don't go there

He sings, he dances, he is beautiful, as a man and as a woman. It is an activist cabaret but beyond the cabaret, it explores the question of gender, limits, Drag Queens, LGTB rights, feminism and masculinity.

Colorful, kitsch, sensitive, raw, poetic, wild, moving, Bastien crosses the genre spectrum before you.

Directed and written: Frédérique Lecomte

Game: Bastien Poncelet

Costumes: Christine Mobers


​Graphics: Bastien Poncelet

Video: Noé Reutenauer


Cost of the show: 1500€

Photography: Lissa Djata

Art&Vie Code star 5089 - 17



Photo credits: Louise Renard

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